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Business Biscotti is a dynamic UK business networking community that offers free informal business networking online combined with local group meetings. They have over 80 groups that meet every four weeks, from Dundee to Exeter, from London to Cardiff, across 22 counties. There are over 5,000 online members and 50,000 people who are mailed each month. The Business Biscotti app was developed with specific requirement from the owners of Business Biscotti, which was to keep it simple and to foucs on events, events and events. The solution we developed complements the website and enhance the experience of their members when on the move. The existing Biscotti website does not easily fit on a mobile browser (see right); so the app was developed with the aim of providing key information to members on the move and locate Business Biscotti groups around the country.
Business Biscotti iPhone App

Key Features for Business Biscotti users include:

Find  your nearest Event

To deliver this, the app determines your location using the phones in-built GPS, then displays this on a map together with the locations of the meetings. This allows users to determine which event is nearest them, when the next event is planned and provide directions to that event igf needed. To make this relevant to users, this can be viewed by UK broken down by regions or on the complete UK map. And you can zoom in as close as you want to see the map detail.

When is my next Biscotti?

Another key feature for members on the go is to be able to find the next event. With over 80 events per month, the app provides a 'now and next' style dynamic listing in date order to alllow them to quicky decide when the next event.

Links to the website

Part of the strategy is to make sure users can see updates from the Business Biscotti website by linking to key information and news, all in the palm of their hand.

Social Media Media Simplified

The Business Biscotti app also includes aour standard 'Stay Connected' package, a set of tools to communicate with you or about you. For more information click here.

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Business Biscotti Networking (Android)

The Business Biscotti app is free. Download it from the relevant app store now!

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