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These apps are there simply to bring a smile to your face if you enjoy your sport and your sporting quotations They are simple, uncomplicated, just fun and with great content.


iPhone App for F1 and Motorsport fans

We bring you hundreds of fun quotes and one-liners from the world of Formula One, Indy Car, Nascar and other top motorsports from all over the world, collected from the lips of legendary drivers such as Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss, to current day champion Sebastian Vettel. We also have great lines from commentators such as Martin Bundle, David Coulthard and of course, the voice of motorsport, the inimitable Murray Walker. We’ve combined all these with great photos of cars into a package that we hope you will just love.

iPhone App for Golf fans

Golfers are well known for their funny or famous quotations. Some of the most inspirational or motivational golf quotes come from the most unlikely people. You'll know the quotes but do you know the author? Would you like to impress your golfing friends with famous one golf liners?

With quotes by Bob Hope to Colin Montgomerie, a famous golfing one liner can be found here. Enjoy a chuckle with golfers down the years with the LimeTime golf quotes app.

iPhone App for Football fans

The beautiful game has brought us hundreds of memorable quotes and famous one liners over the years, from footballers, commentaros and fans alike. Here at LimeTime we have collected over 500 of the best british football quotes from Bill Shankley to Jose Mourinho, from players like Eric Cantona and Thierry Henry, plus many commentators and pundits. If you love the beautiful game, you'll love the quotes that we've collected. So, when you're on your way to the match and want to impress your friends, or if you want a profound statement after the game, pull out our football quotes app and see what we've got!


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